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Patient Scheduling with Stop-Watch efficiency.

Patient scheduling in a hospital environment can be a real challenge. If you’re responsible
for radiology scheduling, therapy or respiratory scheduling, you know how difficult
hospital scheduling can be. PRO/Scheduler™ is the right patient scheduling software to
help you with that challenge. PRO/Scheduler™ helps you by automating the important
steps in your scheduling process.

With PRO/Scheduler™, you can:

  • Easily schedule patients for multiple, cross-departmental procedures
  • Minimize patient wait time between appointments
  • Automate hospital scheduling rules
  • Address insurance pre-certification requirements
  • Integrate your pre-registration process with patient scheduling
  • Improve service to your customers, both patients and physicians


00:00 “Good morning, Central Scheduling. This is Debbie.”
00:03 “Hi, this is Mary in Dr. Andrews’ office. We need to schedule an abdominial CT,
and upper GI and an abdominal ultrasound for Janet Alderson.”
00:10 Debbie: “Is that Janet Alderson, social security number 123-45-6789?”
00:16 Mary: “Yes. Can you do those procedures this week?”
Debbie asks PRO/Scheduler™, in ordinary English, to list the first  available times.
00:20 Debbie: “Yes. How about 10:30 or 11 tomorrow?”
00:25 Mary: “Janet says she prefers tomorrow at 11.”
Debbie highlights the requested start time and presses a single key to schedule all of the ordered procedures.
00:28 Debbie: “Very good. We’ve got that time. Now, why are we doing these procedures?”
00:31 Mary: “Abdominal pains.”
00:34 Debbie: “OK. I’ve got Janet Alderson scheduled for tomorrow at 11. Can I fax a confirmation to you with prep instructions and directions to each department?”
00:43 Mary: “Yes.”
00:45 Debbie: “It’s faxing now, and thank you for calling.”
00:00 Debbie: “Good morning, Central Scheduling…”

The PRO/Scheduler™ system does the job in
60 seconds or less
no matter how complicated the procedure request.


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