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Our philosophy at Programming Resources Inc (PRI) is to provide you with the right
talent the first time, while offering our job candidates fulfilling positions and saving you
time and money.

While serving the IT needs of the Nashville community for over 20 years we provide you
with high-quality staffing solutions that adapt to your company’s many needs. We pride
ourselves in our ability to move and adjust with your business.


Permanent Placement Services

PRI can help you find the excellent people you need for your team.   Our recruiters have worked as developers, project managers, and IT professionals.  We look at candidates for your positions as if we were hiring for our own IT staff.  We want hires that last for the long-term so we take in consideration the all inclusive aspects of the candidates and match them with your position’s skills, your work environment’s style, and the career goals of the candidates we present to you.

In the depths of the recession, when you posted a job, you got hundreds of replies.   Back then, you needed PRI people to help dig thru the mountain of candidate resumes and select the very best people for you to interview.  With your own lean staff, you didn’t want to put that additional burden on any of your overworked managers.

Now, the challenge is to find candidates – a single job posting will not yield many replies.   PRI posts on many job boards, and also does recruiting the old-fashioned way by contacting candidates who aren’t even looking and by using modern tools such as social media and advanced search techniques.  When someone replies, we answer their questions right away.  If that person seems to be a good fit for one of your positions, we start selling them on the strong points of your company and that position.

Again, in the current challenging IT employment market, you don’t want your overworked managers taking time away from their IT projects to do recruiting.

Contract Services

PRI Contract Services are a perfect solution if you have more projects and requirements to handle than you have people available to work on them.  As your project needs ramp up, PRI can supplement your staff with people who skills are focused on that particular phase.   We can provide you with people skilled in each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle such as business analysts, systems analysts, project managers, scrum masters, developers, database administrators, quality assurance, system administrators, network engineers, and so on.

You just pay an hourly rate for each of the people you add to your team, for the duration of that person’s contribution to your project.   No permanent commitment; no increase in employee headcounts; no payroll and employee benefit headaches.  PRI contracting services can be especially valuable if you have to deliver results during tough times when upper management has imposed strict controls on permanent staff increases.

When your projects wind down, and your personnel needs return to normal, you just end the contracts.   Or, if you have some open staff positions, you might want to fill some of them with the PRI contract staffers who are now experienced with your company and have proven their value to you.

Contract-to-Hire Services

Standard PRI Contract Services always provide for the case where you want to hire some of the PRI staffers who have been working on your projects, by defining up-front a pro-rated hiring fee schedule, based on the number of months that person was on contract to your company.

In many cases, Contract-to-Hire services are more closely related to Permanent Placement Services.   You have a budgeted staff position to fill and you want to hire a permanent full-time employee, but if you hire someone and they don’t work out going thru your company’s de-hiring process can be painful for all involved.   Additionally, this can monopolize much of your own scarce time.

In such a situation, what you need is a Contract-to-Hire arrangement.   This is a way for you to “try before you buy” – an easy trial approach.  You get to see how the prospective employee fits into your environment, how strong their skills are, and how quickly they can deliver results.  If you’re pleased, you convert the contract to a full-time placement.  If you’re not pleased, you just terminate the contract and start a new search.

All you have to do is let PRI know that you want to fill a full-time position by the Contract-to-Hire method, specify the length of the trial period, and agree on an hourly rate to be paid during the contract period.  Your standard PRI Contracting Services agreement already covers the prorating of the hiring fee, based on the number of months of contracting.

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